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Linear Motion Bearings

Linear motion ball bearings are used widely in the defense, precision machinery, medical instrument, chemical, printing, agriculture, robotic, automatic production line etc. fields. Linear motion bearings are mainly used in Vertically, Horizontally movement but also can be rotate.

Linear Guides

Linear Guides has 4 rows of balls in 2 point contact design which guarantees the friction to the minimum and the 45 degree contact angle arrangement of balls provides an equal load ratings vertically and laterally.

Cross Rollers

Crossed Roller is a compact and limited linear motion rolling guide incorporated very accurate cylindrical rollers between V-shaped raceways and it can achieve superior smooth linear motion.

Miniature & Extra Small Linear Guide

Miniature Linear Guide Series incorporate the design of two rows of ball recirculation, the ball track has gothic profile design with 45-degree contact angle to attain the effect of equal load capacity in all directions. Under the restriction of limited space, larger steel balls are used to enhance the load and torque capacity.

Flat Cage

Flat cage are compact linear motion bearings consisting of flat cage and needle rollers. They have rollers with extremely small size variation per unit container, so when combined with suitable track races, the maximum running accuracy can be obtained. They are widely used in V shape and flat surfaces of machine tool beds, as well as in guide rails. An extremely smooth linear motion can be achieved. They are made of Steel and Plastic form and are divided into

  • Steel Cage
  • Plastic Cage

Ball Screws

Ball screw assemblies consist of a screw with a precision ground or rolled helical groove, a nut (the outer race) with an internal groove, and a circuit of precision steel balls that recirculate in the grooves between the screw and nut. This anti-friction design converts torque to thrust as either the screw or nut turns and the other component moves in a linear direction.

Hard Chrome Plated Shafts

The slide shaft is case hardened and ground steel shafting. Since the linear shaft acts as the inner race of a ball bushing, the specifications such as surface hardness, depth of hardness, surface roughness, cylindricity, and straightness are very important factors for bearing life. The slide shafts are manufactured to required linear motion specifications.

Technical Details

  • SUJ-2 material is used.
  • The surface hardness is around HRC 58-63.
  • High frequency induction hardening is used.
  • The standard hardening depth is 1-2 mm.
  • Surface roughness is 1.5 S. or less.

Shafts Supports

Shafts Supporters are used to support the Shafts, which is available in various dimensions.

Linear Ball Spline

Linear ball spline comes with linear motion bearings and shaft assemble, with groves on the shafts to help the movement of Bearing only in vertically and Horizontal Direction, but cannot be rotate. The ball will move on the grooved lines.