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Anaerobics adhesives and sealants are ideally developed for various needs and requirements of both production and maintenance applications. The products can be used as raw material in OEMs like Automobiles, Engineering, and for the purpose of maintenance in industries like textile, sugar, fertilizers, refineries, chemical, power stations and steel plants etc.

Thread Lockers – designed for sealing and locking of nuts, bolts and small screws.

Salient features

  • Withstands heavy vibration
  • Prevent corrosion and replace Nyloc nuts
  • Can be used for high strength applications
  • Can be dismantled with mechanical tools
  • Superior to conventional locking devices.


specially formulated anaerobic retaining compound designed to provide holding and retaining power for round and cylindrical parts such as bearing by providing a 100% solid contact.

Salient feature

  • Heavy duty retainer
  • Prevent fretting corrosion
  • Allows uniform load distribution
  • Eliminates interference fits
  • Dampens vibration, shock & impact loads

Pipe Sealants

Designed for pipe joints, pneumatic fittings and some hydraulic line applications.

Salient features

  • Seals hydraulic & pneumatic threaded fittings
  • Immune to fuels, oil, solvents & most chemicals
  • Eliminates Teflon tapes
  • Used for high pressure threaded joints
  • Ensure an extremely durable chemicals resistant seal

Liquid Gaskets

To fill gaps, cracks, hills, micro porosities by matting a 100% solid content.

Salient features

  • Ensure more reliable seal than conventional pre-cut gasket.
  • Resistant to fuels & most chemicals
  • Suitable for machined and flange surfaces
  • Superior to conventional pre-cut gaskets
  • Reduces inventory of pre-cut gaskets

Expoxies - M Seals, Fevitite

Its having excellent adhesive properties and resistance to chemicals etc. it is useful for sealing, joining and for insulating ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, asbestos, concrete, ceramic, marble etc.

Salient features

  • Good adhesion to a wide range of subtracts, bonds virtually anything to anything like metal, china ceramics, marble granite some plastic, ivory, asbestos, glass, wood, leather etc.
  • High cohesive strength.
  • Excellent solvent & chemical resistance.
  • Enormous versatility to meet desired performance characteristics
  • No loss of volatile component during cure.
  • Excellent dimensional stability, negaligible shrinkage.
  • Long lasting bond.

Rubber Adhesives

Brushable Form

It is rubber based polychloroprene solvent containing contact adhesives. This is used to bond flexible as well as rigid substrates. The Adhesive dries to a tough, flexible film with good resistance to water and aging. This Adhesive can be applied by brush or roller coater

Salient features

  • This is used to bond flexible as well as rigid substrates.
  • It exhibits outstanding bond to painted metal, mild steel, glass, galvanized steel, chip board, polyurethane sheet, porous subtracts like leather, leather board, cementitious flooring, GRP, Rigid PVC board etc which are encountered Automotive, Railway, Vehicle building, Construction /electrical areas of ship-building and many other industries.

Sprayable Form

It is a synthetic rubber based solvent-based contact adhesives. It is multi purpose adhesive and suitable for automotive industry as a high performance trim adhesives.

RTV Silicones Sealant

Pidiseal is single component elastomeric silicone sealants, which cures by absorbing moisture in air. It has very good adhesion to most of engineering material such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, fibreglass, etc.

Salient features

  • Single component, Ease of application
  •  Fast curing at ambient
  •  Excellent resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture etc.
  •  Good Electrical Insulation.
  •  Can be applied on vertical and overhead joints.

Insulation Products – Steel Grip

Salient Features

  • India’s first insulation tape with an ISI mark.
  • Self-extinguishing does not allow source fire to spread.
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and non-ageing.
  • Provide long lasting insulation.
  • Offers firm grip and protects electrical conductors from the effect of acids, alkalis and oils Maintains insulation in different usage and temperature conditions.


M-seal Monoplast available in tape & lump form, is a single component, permanently elastic non corrosive sealing compound with high insulating properties, Monoplast, in tape form can be very easily applied with minimum skill & Wastage. It is mouldable and adheres to most clean dry surfaces including PVS, XLPE and Rubber cable insulation Aluminum, copper, steel, Lead & Porcelain. It can also easily be retained in place with the application of PVC non-adhesive tape, which is normally used for color-coding.

Maintenance Product 

Zorrik – 88

Zorrik 88 is quick maintenance spray/fluid, specially formulated to perform multiple maintenance tasks. It is easy to use and non messy. It is non-staining and leaves no gummy residue. It cleans surfaces from dirt, rust, grime, caked grease and oil. It is also an effective lubricant. Zorrik 88 protects rust to metal bonds, crevices and pores through capillary actions and loosens/frees jammed, frozen and rusted metal parts, bolts, nuts, shafts and bearings.

Salient features

  • Can perform multiple function tasks
  • Easy to use (D.I.Y Products)
  • It is non staining leaves no gummy residue.

M - Seal Plumber

Ideal for joining and leakage plugging G.I/C.I pipe joints

Salient Features

  • Easy stain removal
  • Flexible setting
  • Sets in 10 minutes
  • Available in Black and White variant